Thursday, September 3, 2009

school steals time

Since I last wrote, I've subleased my overpriced apartment with the evil beings of doom (school-affiliated housing... what more is there to say?) and have moved in with Alex, giving us both super-cheap rent and making it just plain easier now that I don't have my stuff in two places.

Classes started last week, and though 3 out of 4 of them will be beyond easy, at least the ones I have to go to in person seem worthwhile. I have held out to take my last two gen-ed courses (one of which is required for my major anyway) until this semester, so in December I will get my A.A.

This semester I've got:
Intro to Computer Science - online gen-ed, the biggest bullshit class ever. This class may be useful for an older generation of students who are returning to school, but teaching 18 - 22 year olds of my generation how to use Microsoft Office and their computers is about as pointless as teaching a little kid how to play in the mud. We just know, it's instinctive at this point.

Human Species - gen-ed for my major, awesome professor so it will be entertaining if not slightly repetitive after all the anthropology courses I've already had to take.

Archaeology of Caribbean Piracy - YES it counts for my major! and is with the same awesome professor as Human Species, one right after the other, so I get 3 hours of awesome professor-age and anthropology-ness. Needless to say... love these days.

Elementary Spanish - probably should have taken a higher level, but the professor is really good and is sympathetic with the strangely entertaining online component to the course.

Yeah, what can I say, I'm boring. Class is my thing. I'm one of those people who could make a career out of school and be okay with it.

My birthday was Tuesday, but as it is an age of little consequence it didn't feel very birthday-ish other than dinner out with a group of friends. I think I'm past the YAY BIRTHDAY stage of life.

And Yosemite still sits in my closet -- though it is a different closet from when I last wrote about it, oh progress! -- unphotoed and unworn until at least November.


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