Thursday, March 3, 2011

Florida Spring

Spring is definitely here for Florida. We haven't seen a chilly day in over two weeks. Above is an amaryllis that decided to bloom early. And a Hiroki that is pretty excited outdoors lately.

Last night I took a trip to Joanns and decided it was time to venture into jersey knits. This is the outcome:

I like the length, color, and simplicity of this. I'm probably going to make another one, possibly in cotton.

The pattern isn't for jersey, so a zipper was in order for the back. But after cutting all the pieces and trying it on in its half-constructed state, I decided it didn't really need a zipper. That is why there's an unnecessary seam down the entire back middle of the dress.

I finished it today and wore it to a LAN center where the guys are all used to me wearing jeans and t-shirts. Entertaining reactions to say the least.

Spring break is next week (though I'm done with classes for this week, so I guess technically today was my first day of spring break). I intend to finish a cotton dress I started ages ago, sew a hook and eye on a skirt that's been waiting for one forever, get a head start on some papers for the second half of the semester, and maybe work on my quilt a bit.

And get a tan. My legs are ungodly white for being a Floridian.


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