Thursday, July 30, 2009

vacation extension

After getting news that my boss has decided to cut the entire payroll in order to save money (meaning I am now in the ranks of the unemployed) my 4 day stay in Orlando has turned into nearly 2 weeks. I'm still here.

I'm working on a cute baby garment called Boheme for my old roommate's sister's daughter (her niece and goddaughter to be exact) that was born about a month ago. The mother requested teal, and I though the leftover Lions Brand Homespun would look pretty with its variegation and whatnot. Making it in a 12 month size, because according to my roommate the baby is HUGE and it'll be a nice fall/winter garment for her.

Once I get back to Jax it'll only be a few days before my mother and I take off for our trip up north, so maybe I'll do some knitting then and give updates. I'd update with pictures, but I remembered the camera and forgot the camera cord. Ah well.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Pattern: Firedance, my newest design

Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Merino 5 Print in colorway 9798

Needles: US size 7 DPNs

Just something I made because I only had one skein of this yarn that I bought at a yarn store in Traverse City, MI last summer during my visit-a-ton-of-LYS episode. This may occur again this year... and by occur I mean I'll visit the stores and can't promise any purchases due to financial restraints.

I wanted a design that had blank space to show off the colorway and yummy feel of the yarn, but I didn't want all stockinette. So I just started knitting, took notes as I went along... and there we are.

I'm sure the construction could have been a lot more planned on, but this was an on-the-whim hat that'll take no time at all to make.

Because we all wear tank tops with wool beanies...

I also finished Yosemite today, buttons, sleeves and all. Don't have the time/energy to take pictures tonight, I've got work all day tomorrow, and will be helping my mother coordinate National Sundae Sunday in the morning then driving to Orlando right after to see my baby... oh, and my boyfriend.

So pictures shall come next week.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Talia Vest

Pattern:Talia Vest by SweaterBabe

Yarn: 1.5 skeins of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn! in colorway #60 Aubergine

Needles: Used a US size 6 needle instead of 8... 8 would've been huge, even though I swear I checked gauge twice before I started (and bothering to check it at all is quite worth bragging about for me).

It might be a little snug -- maybe I should have used 7s -- but it still fits fine other than a little bit of curving of the button band. And because the bottom hemline is scalloped due to the lace, the curving button band kind of almost fits with it.

Overall, I'm pleased. I think I'll actually wear this, imagine that.

No, you don't see the edge of a doorknob in this picture. You just see how the body is shaped and the overall look of it.

I adore these buttons. I just got them at Joann's, 90 cents for two. I think they work well with the vest, but have enough detail to be more than just plain buttons.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

knitting hiatus

I started working on a simple hat design last week... and started is as far as I got. I can't manage to go buy buttons for Talia or Yosemite, or finish Yosemite's sleeve even though it sits on the floor in the living room and would be oh-so-convenient to do while watching TV or a movie.

What's funny is that in my mind I really want to knit, but I just don't bother picking up the pieces.

BUT! Tomorrow I have to get out of the house early for an appointment, and afterward I swear I will pick out buttons and possibly some yarn to make another beanie that I started in wool, but in Florida that's never a good idea.

So before I go to work Friday and Saturday and leave for Orlando Sunday (it seems every entry here mentions me leaving... I promise there are plenty of weeks where I'm stuck at home) I will have something to show to the knitting world.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This and that

Been a bit busy lately. Finished Cultural Anthropology for Summer A, this week started Magic, Ritual & Belief for Summer B. It looks to be a much better -- and possibly more challenging simply because it's actually involved -- class than Cultural Anthropology was.

Blocked Talia and it grew enough to my liking. Still need buttons for it.

Yosemite needs a sleeve and buttons to be finished.

Visited Orlando for a few days and got to see Alex and my baby.

Just so you know my puppy isn't always a dopey couch potato:

Been on a strange Harry Potter kick lately. Re-read the sixth book, am a few chapters away from finishing the seventh. The only two that I haven't read upwards of a dozen times.

Hopefully this coming week I will be a bit more knitty and a bit less busy otherwise.


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