Saturday, April 16, 2011

A project of a different kind...

These past few weeks I've been working on a project at work. The end result is that we opened an entirely new section of our store at the flea market, a t-shirt shop with custom and plain t-shirts of every color and size. And an e-bay store to go along with it.

Not the best photo, as it's a hurriedly snapped picture from my boss' iPhone, but the general idea of things. Instead of having the heat press and t-shirts stored in my vinyl shop (we make decals and custom license plates, yard signs and banners... etc) now it has its own home in a little closed off cubicle. And obnoxiously bright signage for all sides.

Yesterday we got in our last shipment of shirts to fill out the place, and tomorrow will be the first day that all signs are up, ebay shop has items in it, and shirts of all colors are lining the aisles. Better pictures to come.

So who needs a custom t-shirt?


  1. You work in a sign shop?? I worked in a sign shop for years! Working the plotters and wide format printers is so much fun :D

  2. I love making all the custom decals and license plate things people ask for. We do more small things for people just walking by, but we also do large signs.



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