Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lack of yarn inspiration

I've got no new knitting. I keep making an effort to find yarn for Yosemite, but I fall short every time. I've ventured into two different LYS in the Orlando area while visiting this weekend -- even dragging along Alex and a friend V, both of whom I have discovered are not a very good yarn shoppers -- I've perused online selections.

I think my major thing going right now is that I utterly refuse to spend a lot of money on yarn. After surviving a year on scholarship money and seeing how desperate things can get, I am disgusted by project after project on Ravelry that requires ridiculous yardage of fine yarns.

I suppose I understand treating one's self every once in awhile. And I admit that when I went to the LYS to buy for my first real sweater, I bought over $100 of yarn for just that one sweater. And that sweater ended up a mess, mind you.

My Talia Vest (which, yes, still needs a neckline edging and buttons and blocking) used one full skein and MAYBE 1/6 of a second skein of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn. That's $2.79 for 355 yards.

My Cherie Amour used 1 1/2 skeins of Lion Brand's Homespun, and I felt like I splurged laying down $5.49 per skein there.

But no matter what discount bin I look in, I still feel like it's the biggest rip off in the world to pay $7 for a skein "on sale" that only has 70 yards. I mean, really? Do you realize you're paying 10 cents a yard?

I guess I'm just disappointed that a craft that was supposed to be so economical and handy "back in the day" has become a rich hobby.

So if any of you have any suggestions for:

a) a place online (or in the Orlando/Jacksonville areas) that is genuinely cheap on yarn that isn't Red Heart -- no offense Red Heart, you just aren't meant for wearing near my skin.

b) a "cheap" yarn you've used that you really like that is sold in chain stores or

c) where I can find designers and free designs that utilize economical yarn options

please let me know...

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  1. I know what you mean about prices. I tend to buy acrylics or acrylic mixes as they are so much cheaper. There is alot of cheap yarn to buy here in the UK, I'm sure there will be in the US. I tend to pay between £1-£2 for 100g of DK. As for brands I buy here: Sirdar, James C. Brett, Patons and shops own brands.

    Good luck!



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