Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Right back down the drain

Alex's job told him they don't actually need him until next month. So he is, essentially, screwed.

My job decided to cut back my hours. I'll be lucky now if I get 16 hours a week. And no one wants to hire me because I'll be starting up school again at the end of August, so I won't be around long enough to make hiring me worthwhile.

Out of desperation, I just applied to be an ice cream truck driver. No lie.

If desperation wasn't so hard, it'd almost be funny.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the job situation for you both.

    Can Alex explain to the companies about the money situation? What about a small bank loan/overdraft to cover him until he is working?

    I do hope everything works out ok for you both.

  2. His boss knows he's in desperate need, and even told him if he has to, he understands him finding another job and not being able to work with the company.

    Because he's just recently moved out on his own and the economy isn't very kind to young people looking for credit right now, he doesn't have enough established financially to be approved for a loan.

    We'll figure something out.



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