Sunday, April 25, 2010

Giveaway Winner

And the winner is... Sadiekate. I've messaged you on Ravelry for shipping info.

In other random news, last Wednesday was my mother's birthday. She told me awhile back that her semi-boyfriend Bob (YES... my mother, the "I will never date again" woman, has a semi-boyfriend) is taking her to Jekyll Island Thursday. She mentioned she wished I could come but knew I had classes.

Ah, but Thursday I do NOT have classes this semester. So Alex got Wednesday night off work, we drove down Wednesday afternoon after my classes, and surprised her. Luckily she was waiting at home for the computer repair guy to show up.

Thursday Bob, my mom, Alex, and I went to Jekyll Island and rode bikes around and had lunch and fell asleep on the beach. If you live in the southern Georgia/northern Florida area, Jekyll Island is a must see. It's a state park, but not in the sense that most are. They've got bike trails all around the island and have historic "cottages" of all the rich cats from back in the day and ruins and a small cemetery from the early 1700s.

Unfortunately when I pulled out my camera the morning of, the batteries died. And I forgot to bring my charger up. So there are no pictures.

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