Thursday, December 2, 2010

More sewing

My machine has been seriously paying its rent these past few days.

First up is a Christmas table runner my mother requested. She's going to attach tassles to the ends. On the flip side of this is just a plain tan/peach that will match the dining room the rest of the year.

Then I made a valance for our living room's sliding doors, but a picture for that will have to wait until I can get the damn things to hang straight. I'm working out the kinks that happen when you attempt to ghetto-rig things instead of properly buying a curtain rod that will fit the 6 1/2' door.

And finally, a bath mat I threw together with some of the snuggle fleece I bought on Black Friday. I sewed wrong sides to wrong sides and then cut the seams into little chunks so its kind of rag-looking. It's cute to fill such a big bathroom floor, adds some color, is nice and warm on the feet, and absorbent for stepping out of the bathtub. As it gets used more, it'll look more worn and the cut ends will look better.

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