Saturday, February 5, 2011

slow and steady... takes forever

Yes, yes... it's been more than a month since I've posted. Suddenly school and work decided to both take up an extreme amount of time all at once. This is probably going to be my most time-consuming semester so far. Combine that with working three days a week now and that's not a whole lot of knitting or free time.

But! I have been working steadily on my Tibetan Clouds Shawl. The middle panel is done, and I've got two of the eight repeats of Chart E complete on one side. I didn't realize how wide this thing would be, but maybe that means I'll actually wear it. I'm not beading it, I really just wanted something large and lacy to work on.

We also have a new neighbor. A hungry neighbor.

I heard him/her (?) start talking to Sakura as she sat on the patio one day. No collar or anything, but really friendly. Definitely not scrawny as you can see from the picture, but hungry all the same. Sakura is not happy with this new cat and hisses at him/her through the windows and patio screen as the cat circles our place. Of course, I fed it and gave it water. Because I'm a sucker.

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