Saturday, January 9, 2010

goodbye no-shampoo and lots of small projects

So it's day 7 of no-shampoo... and when I got in the shower I just couldn't do it anymore. I reached for the shampoo. And I loved it.

To be honest, I felt dirty without it. Baking soda and water SUCKS. It made my scalp scratchy and irritated and my hair was coming out in larger quantities than usual with the usual brush-through. No more.

And in other news... my home is a Dark Horse Yarns knitting sweatshop these days. Remember I had two skeins I didn't know what to do with?

I made some gloves... and then had to make a hat with a matching owl pattern around the brim.

Pattern: Owlings Mitts

and then started some socks...

I was worried that I wouldn't have enough in a skein to make a pair of socks... but the first sock barely made a dent. What am I going to make with the leftover?!

It's hard to be motivated to do socks with sock yarn on size 1 needles when socks with worsted on size 7 needles are so much more practical. Warmer and faster.

Speaking of warmer...

We all know the northeast is going through crazy snow, but it's freaking COLD here in Florida. Colder than normal. In fact, here in Orlando they're talking we might get SNOW tomorrow morning.

Of course, Florida's version of snow is more like slush stuff that may or may not even make it to the ground, and if it does it will sit there for an hour tops in tiny, lonely little patches before melting and freezing. But still! SNOW. The last time it snowed in Florida... I didn't exist.

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