Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No-shampoo day 2 & 3

Okay... so for the record, this regiment is officially known as "no-poo" but I am opposed to making it sound like I'm purposely constipating myself. Onward...

Woke up yesterday morning and while my hair was definitely not clean like it is the morning after a regular shower... it wasn't as greasy as I'd heard it would be. Gross enough to make me grab a hat if we went out anywhere. But that's the side effects of the first few weeks (!) of no-shampoo.

Taken without flash for all the glory of natural shine.

But this morning I woke up and couldn't even take a picture, I had to jump in the shower. I was even tempted to use real shampoo, it was that bad.

Look at that Pantene... sitting there all full because I bought it two days before deciding to do no-shampoo. Shameful. Alex doesn't realize how good he has it.

For the record, those are no longer dollar-store bubbles. That's the baking soda/water mix.

And after wash two of this baking soda mess... well, my scalp feels like shit stepping out of the shower. Yes, I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed (because as you can see there are flakes of baking soda in my hair in day 2's picture). But I still feel pretty damn gross.

Oh well... we'll see how long this lasts before I start wasting away with desire for real shampoo and feeling clean. On the upside... my hair not feeling as clean and lovely out of the shower makes me realize just how nice and clean my body feels. Hair does seem to get all the attention in the shower. Not today! Good job, Dove bar.

And of course anytime anyone does anything in the bathroom, Sakura has to figure out what's going on. She even takes bubble baths with me. And by takes I mean she sits on the side of the tub (sometimes my belly if it's dry) and dips her paws into the bubbles and spazzes out when it won't come off her paw.

Sunday (pre-burning down the house) I taught Alex some basic knitting. We had an agreement that I would learn to play Modern Warfare 2 (or was I playing Call of Duty 4? Eh... same difference) and he would learn to knit.

I am horrible at shooting games. I'm not much of a gamer to start off with (though my facebook status at 4 a.m. these past two days would suggest otherwise, as Monday I stayed up beating Kingdom for Kefflings and last night I stayed up beating the first master stage of Peggle). When I play games... I like them to be leisurely. Shooting games are too intense and rush-rush-rush.

Anyway... here's Alex's first piece of knitting:

He actually picked it up much faster than anyone else I've tried to teach. I absolutely hate teaching people skill-building things (like math and knitting and crocheting). All through high school I was the one that people came to in math class and it drove me NUTS.

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