Thursday, January 14, 2010

the semesterly update...

First week of classes. The usual class update...

Life & Death in Ancient Egypt
The professor seems pretty knowledgeable and nice. I think there'll be a lot of memorization, but it doesn't seem too difficult to understand.

Elementary Spanish Language & Culture 2
Taking it with the same professor as Spanish 1, hoping for continuity. Going to be ridiculously easy, though they changed the online portion in an attempt to make it more difficult. I'm guessing this is because too many dumbasses passed Spanish 1...

Human Origins
This is going to be the difficult class. Lots of memorization of evolutionary theories, people, specimen discoveries, etc. At least the professor is young and interesting and understands the idea that hands-on is so much more effective than lecturing in a monotone.

Sex, Gender, Culture
Interesting topics (one of our books is entirely about Transgendered Prostitutes in Brazil), but as with all cultural anthropology elective classes... it seems like it's going to be pretty easy. Pretty memorable stuff because of its oddness compared to American life, so as long as you can bullshit discuss you're good.

Hoping to get a job this semester. No one seems to want to hire me, but right now my brother's friend (that graduated from the same university I'm attending and was originally hired in the city I'm living in) is trying to get his recruiter in my city to take a look at my resume and whatnot. It's for the bank 5/3.

I think I'd really like a bank job, but so far Chase hasn't even bothered to acknowledge my existence even though I passed their math test with the application. Oh well.

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