Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yarn Giveaway!

Upon returning home from my first year of college (aka living on as little as possible for 8 months in a relatively empty dorm room) I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things that have accumulated in my room for the past 18 years.

I'm set on a four part mission of de-cluttering. First, a ton of books. Second, yarn giveaway! Those two parts are underway. Once that's done I'll start attacking the closet for clothes and shoes, and then finally... I'll be getting rid of some of my giraffes. The giraffes I've collected and hoarded for about seven years now.

I've set up a flickr set of the yarn I'm giving away. Feel free to take a look here.

This is all acrylic yarn, most of it donated to me when I was in high school making hats for the homeless as a community service project. A lot of it is older yarn without labels, and I am just as clueless as you are as to what brand most of these are.

You can post a comment here if you see something you'd like. Please include the photo # and the position of which skeins you're interested in.

I'm giving these away FREE, but as I'm a poor college student I do need you to cover the shipping costs, which can be sent to me through paypal or by check and should only be a few dollars. Please note that this yarn resides in the US, so foreign shipping will cost considerably more.

Stay tuned for a posting of the books I have left, and in the vague future I'll post pictures of clothes, shoes, and purses. For the moment this blog is somewhat of a thrift store/garage sale.


  1. You are brave to de-clutter...everytime I try I hardly seem to get rid of anything! Even if I fill lots of charity bags! But to give away some of your yarn stash..brave...I couldn't do it!

  2. I figure if it's sat in bins for months and I have no idea what I could make with it, it's time it goes away.

    I used to keep EVERYTHING. A year away living on nothing changes that I suppose.



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