Monday, May 18, 2009

Sasquatch socks

I've been home from college for 12 days and it already feels like forever. The upside to being bored out of my mind and away from all my friends is that I might, for once, concentrate on productive things. Like classes (taking two online this summer for something to do). And reading. And knitting.

Found some sock yarn I bought mid-spring and decided that for once, I was not only going to make it through a pair of socks, but they were going to be some damn attractive socks as well.

The first time I attempted socks, I was still pretty new at the whole knitting-garments-that-actually-work thing and bought needles about 6 sizes too big and the socks ended up more like padded boots. I vaguely knew of shrinking things in the wash, and yes... I must admit that I tried to shrink Red Heart acrylic yarn. Go me.

After several years and projects, my almost-finished sock looks like this:

It's a little big on me because it's for Alex. I had him tell me his foot measurements over the phone and just kind of assume that it's going to fit him. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find measurements of sasquatch-size socks on the internet. And here I was thinking you could find anything through the power of Google.

In the past 24 hours I've knit the majority of one sock (it's going to be a short leg, so I'm a few rows until the cuff now), got a new set of tires for the car, submitted a homework assignment for a class that started today, read about four chapters, and slept 10 hours.

Hurrah productivity.

Just so you get an idea of what I'm missing, here's something I had to leave behind when I moved home:

This is Hiroki, my loveable puppy that is actually Alex's. Yes, he's a greyhound. And quite possibly the sweetest thing I've ever met. If you've never had the experience of playing with or being around a greyhound... add it to your list of things worth doing in life.


  1. What a cute dog! It's awful having to leave them behind. Mine is a collie/whippet cross, so I know just what you mean! She is like a small greyhound, she looks so funny chasing greyhounds that we meet when out with her!

    Sounds like you had a really productive day! The sounds are looking great!

  2. Your puppy is adorable. My friend Haley loves knitting - she spends half her life looking for good yarn.

    I liked what you wrote on post secret. It's so true.

    Come visit our blog! And comment please, we love comments :)


  3. Being home for the summer is hard when you are in school so hang in there! The socks are gorgeous and I can totally see why you miss the dog. What a sweet face.



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