Sunday, February 28, 2010

cupcakes from scratch and faux weaving...

I love StumbleUpon set on just knitting. Because I stumble across wonderful little things like a tutorial on entrelac:

And of course I have to right then and there start a new project. Going to make a scarf. All the weaving is going to be of the same teal color, no alternating every other row here. Except there's going to be the occasional gray streak throughout. Just so I have a ridiculous amount of ends to weave in the end...

And after pining away to make cupcakes and cakes from scratch and never having baking powder as opposed to baking soda... we finally got baking powder and it took me about a month before I took advantage of it.

These here are peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. Which are delicious, but taste like neither chocolate or peanut butter, go figure. I experimented with melting some peanut butter into a typical confectioner's sugar/milk glaze mix, and that tastes more like peanut butter than the cupcakes.

And I've found that storing the cupcakes in the freezer makes them amazingly moist. I never knew cupcakes tasted so good cold.

And alas...

I still don't have any pictures of the finished Decimal Cardigan. It will even be featured in a student film, but it has not been still photographed. I will get on that... once I'm done:
- studying all weekend for a test for Egypt class
- forcing myself to attempt to learn Spanish not just pass the class this semester and be done with it
- memorizing the origins, details, and years of a dozen different specie of hominid
- and reading a repetitive ethnography (that really is redundant... aren't they all?) about transgendered Brazilian prostitutes.

I love college. At least it's interesting.

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  1. My homemade biscuits kept turning out downright awful. Finally my husband asked if maybe there was something wrong with my baking soda. I checked it and lo and behold it had expired in 1999. Yes, i was using ten year old baking soda. It didn't work well, for the record.



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