Friday, February 5, 2010


More sweaters to recycle! I think I'm addicted to the process.

After running out of yarn TWICE, I'm finally done with my decimal cardigan. The stitch counts in that pattern were a MESS, which is kind of odd because I knit the same size as the original the author made. Still completely doable and a decent knit, but annoying as all hell.

Unfortunately, my boobs seem to be too big for every knitted item. Either it fits and is lumpy and too big around my waist/stomach and looks horrible on me, or it looks slimming and fits my waist/stomach and will not button over my boobs.

Fortunately! I can just wear it open and it looks all artsy just like that. Which also means no button buying, thus money saving. Hoorah?

I'm anxious for spring to start and as a result have allowed myself to purchase 3 plants for my mini-wanna-be-garden, two different varieties that I've never seen before. Heard of them both, but not seen in person. Which is kind of a big deal for someone who worked for three years at a plant nursery and has looked through dozens and dozens of plant/seed ordering catalogues.

The front corner of my garden (the only semi-presentable part at the moment):

Cyclamen in such a gorgeous red:

And two different colors of primroses:

Sorry for the darkness. It was dark when we got home from plant/sweater purchasing but I couldn't wait until morning for these. I got some nasturtium and wild flower mix seeds, as well, which I'll wait until morning to plant.

I'm hopeful it won't freeze again. Those insane 10 nights of freezing weather that set a record here in Florida wiped out most of my plants that I got last fall. This time, however, I had the foresight to plant special plants (ie: anything over $2.00 a plant) in pots so I can bring them inside when it gets cold. We don't have enough of an established household yet to have old sheets/towels to use for plant coverings.

(Flickr is being an ass now and won't let me inbed my pictures in their full-size. Thanks for denying me the use of my own pictures. And we all know Blogger's picture uploader sucks.)


  1. It's hard to get clothing to fit, isn't it? Since I started making garments I have had a new respect for dressmakers. I'm all for an artsy look too!
    It's summertime here in Australia so I'm losing plants in the extreme heat...
    Your cyclamen looks really pretty.

  2. Howdy. I just stepped in through that door you left open over at Dooce.

    I wanted to say thank you. I was reading over your posts when I suddenly realized I COULD USE THE YARN IN THAT SWEATER TO MAKE SOMETHING ELSE. Yes, I am occasionally dense but I'm also excited to go rip up that green wool sweater that I don't wear but haven't ditched. Thank you!!

    I'll probably be lurking around in the future. I'm a sucker for a hand dyed yarn.



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