Saturday, February 20, 2010


Wednesday night I got the materials for and built a swift, with the manual labor of Alex. I've grown up doing small odd projects (and normal big projects) with tools and am not helpless in any way when it comes to sawing/hammering/planning/etc. But it sure is nice to measure and mark pieces of wood, hand them off to Alex, and get them back cut. Like my own personal power saw, except this one feeds off caloric energy.

It didn't take too long to go from this...

To this:

Yeah, that's duct tape on the bottom. The screws we had at home (and so I did not buy any at Home Depot) turned out not to be long enough. I was going to use duct tape temporarily, but I like it for some reason and see no reason to change it.

It's so much easier than trying to get the computer chair spinning at a decent pace. I put two sets of holes on it, so it's still pretty small and portable. The first is 36" for measuring yardage, and the outside holes are 50" for winding post-dyeing yarn into cute little skeins.

Needless to say, there's a few new skeins of hand-dyed yarn up at my shop.


  1. Oh my word. You have my undying admiration.

    I tried to knit. Thought it was supposed to be relaxing, only I was so tense 'cuz I didn't want those darn stitches to fall of the needles...yikes! I think I gave myself high blood pressure!

  2. Did you use metal needles? I learned the first time on metal needles... big mistake. I had the same problem and ended up giving up knitting for YEARS before trying again.



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