Friday, March 19, 2010

3 more baby hats

I'm addicted to small, quick projects lately. Nothing big has caught my eye lately and frankly, I also don't keep supply of enough of one type of yarn to make many big projects. The woes of being a poor knitter.

I absent-mindedly made a bunch of small mitered squares while at home last week. Had no idea what I was going to do with them. Until I fiddled around with them a few days ago...

And mitered squares became catnip and polyester stuffed mice with the aid of some whip stitch, a crocheted tail, and embroidered ears/eyes.

Unfortunately, Sakura managed to climb into a tupperware bin of my everything-other-than-yarn supplies and find the baggie full of homegrown hand-dried catnip. So I lost about half of it after working diligently to pick up tiny pieces scattered in the carpet beside my bed. Sigh. If this cat wasn't so damn cute...

I've basically been churning out a baby hat a day, none of them the same pattern thus far.

This is the Vertical Stripe Grass Stitch Baby Hat...

Here's a close up of the grass stitch. I made the stitch knit after the slipped stitch yellow to give it a stripe up the hat. The yellow is much brighter in person.

Then there's the Rasta Star Stitch Baby Hat. Interesting how this yarn pools so well in a pattern, but not so pretty in just stockinette or ribbing.

And then just a basic 1x1 Ribbed Baby Hat worked in stripes of white and a variegated yarn that had some white in it... making it look like very odd stripes.

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