Friday, March 12, 2010

things to sell... and a baby hat

This week is Spring Break. The first few days I went camping with Alex and a friend. Because it's still pretty chilly here in Florida at night (what is with this winter... gah), Hiroki got to sport his sweater quite a bit.

Then I visited home for a few days while my car was in the shop. I've decided to have a booth at a craft fair at the church I grew up in back home. It's in about a month. I'm going to showcase my yarn, and -- since I'm unsure of how many people attending will actually be crafters versus just people who enjoy others' crafts -- I'm going to knit up a batch of baby hats and such.

So when I got home today, I started designing my own baby hat.

My mother is in love with strawberries and for some reason it is absolutely adorable to dress babies up as fruit, so... here's the Strawberry Baby Hat.

Knit from the top with leafyness to the icord ties with fringe.

Alas, I have no baby to model this for me. Sakura falls victim.

*Edit: You can now find the pattern on Ravelry. Look to my sidebar designs tab and give it a click :)

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