Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Finally stuff is growing in the garden... it's been a long ass winter for Florida.

These are scarlet runner beans that went from invisible to two inches tall in one day, and then after a freak flooding of rain a week ago grew to about six inches. We had another two days of too much rain this week and they grew to their current height, probably a foot tall now. I'm trellising them to the fence with screws and gray yarn.

I didn't think the amaryllis bulbs my mother gave me when I moved into this place six months ago were going to bloom this year, as there has been little activity on that front. But look! This morning I found a budded stalk on the biggest one. And if you look extra extra careful with a really strong magnifying lens, you probably still won't see the tiny starts of sweat peas in the background of this picture.

And even though I've worn this Decimal cardigan half a dozen times and love it, this is the first picture of its existence:

And the random shirt I'm playing with, using Rowan Cotton Glace in an amazing orange for the bodice and I'm going to start under the best using a pink/orange cotton that I recycled for a lacy open bottom. I'm currently waiting for said recycled cotton to finish drying after my futile attempts to dye it a slightly orangier shade. I'm not sure why it didn't take the dye.

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