Sunday, March 14, 2010

lots of little things

There's a ton of little projects that I've had on and off the needles (hooks...) so fast that I haven't bothered to post about them here. No time like the present.

A small disc stuffed with polyester fluff and homegrown catnip. Sakura doesn't like proper cat toys, only things like my hair bands and pens because she knows it infuriates me to find them all missing, so I'm going to make up a few more of these for the craft fair. They're the perfect shape for tossing across the room a-la tiny frisbee to catch the attention of a cat.

A Felicity hat that turned out fairly disappointing.

Rhombus Tassel Baby Hat, improvised for the craft fair.

A cloche I improvised out of my own recycled and hand-dyed yarn, for the craft fair.

A sweater I made Sakura so she can match Hiroki... oh how she hates it. The first few times I put it on her, she refused to move. Then she managed to rip it off. Now she's semi-okay with it. This is my revenge for never being able to find a pen where I left it.

A basic baby hat I improvised and added a little flower to, for the craft fair.

Going to be making a handful of more baby hats and cat toys. Probably some wash cloths and other small, quick items as well. We'll see how this craft fair business goes down...


  1. Are you going to sell kitty sweaters in your etsy shop? When I move into my new place permanently (not until September) I'm definately getting a cat and I'm planning all manner of ways to torture it.


  2. That cat sweater isn't my own pattern, so I can't sell that one.

    But I can send you one free :) You just have to give me some measurements when you get your kitty.

  3. Maybe I'll just have to buy some recycled yarn, and you can use that and send me the finished product. I'd hate to use up your resources without helping to replace them



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